Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

Customer satisfaction survey questions template is a complete 360 customer satisfaction evaluation and measurement survey with 21 unique questions to evaluate net promoter score, customer effort score, CSAT, customer service satisfaction etc. Use this sample questionnaire and start measuring and increasing customer retention, customer recommendation by existing users of your products and services and upselling!

Considering your complete experience with our company, how likely would you be to recommend our products to a friend or colleague?
«Very UnlikelyVery Likely»
How would you like to rate our Products or Services for the following parameters?
Very Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied
Cost effectiveness
Over all experience
Please add any additional comments you might have with regards to your satisfaction / dissatisfaction using our products / services:
How well did our products meet your expectations?
Extremely well
Somewhat well
Not so well
Not at all well
 How was your experience in the following areas of customer service:
Very satisfactory Somewhat satisfactory Neutral Somewhat unsatisfactory Very unsatisfactory
Pre-purchase support
Post-purchase support
Issue resolution speed
Over all customer support and service
With respect to your last interaction with customer support executive, please rate the following aspects during and after your interaction:
Good Neural Bad
Product / service understanding
Identifying the precise problem you faced
Resolution of the issue
Post-resolution follow up
How often do you use our [PRODUCT / SERVICE]:
How likely are you to make a purchase of [PRODUCT / SERVICE] again from us:
Very likely
Somewhat likely
Somewhat unlikely
Very unlikely
What recommendations would you offer for improving [PRODUCT / SERVICE]?
Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your opinion and will take your feedback seriously when providing products and services in the future.

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys : 5 reasons you need to start measuring CSAT

Retained customers are highly likely to give you better business than new customers. But, retaining customers requires a significant amount of hard work and strategizing. For that, it is important for organizations to get details about customer satisfaction and the best way to do that is sending out customer satisfaction surveys to customers you have purchased your products/services. Here are 5 reasons to conduct customer satisfaction surveys for your business:

  1. Customers can switch their loyalties without thinking twice: In this day and age, where competition is extreme, it is important to understand that customers have too many options to choose from. Customer loyalty has to be constantly worked upon and built over a course of time. Learn from the customers about aspects of your business that can be improved to keep them included glued onto your brand.
  2. Create a unique selling point for your brand: Customer satisfaction can be your brand’s unique selling point. It is a fact that there are several organizations that provide the same products and service as you do. Why should customer select your products? Should be the question. Obtaining opinions about customer satisfaction, you can analyze your worth in the market and work towards improving that to maintain customer loyalty as well as getting new customers onboard.
  3. Content customers provide purchase from you repeatedly: Satisfied customers will always have an innate trust in your brand which will lead to repeat orders. You can analyze the number of content customers from a customer satisfaction survey and develop a roadmap of activities to do to boost customer satisfaction.
  4. Build a personal customer experience: Every dissatisfied customer is an indicator of business loss. Contacting each and every customer who expresses their dissatisfaction with their experience needs to be dealt with in the most personal manner. Talk to them, chat with them and make sure that the entire experience is made into a pleasant one in the shortest time period.
  5. Enhance your branding: Customer satisfaction is one of the most impactful factors that maneuvers in marketing activities, specifically - branding. Consumers now use every digital medium to promote their experience with an organization, be it good or bad. For your brand to understand customer’s perspective about your offerings, you need to regularly conduct customer satisfaction surveys. It will provide information about how you can improve your branding to attract new customers and also to keep the existing ones thoroughly engaged.

When and How to implement customer satisfaction surveys?

Companies often conduct customer satisfaction surveys too late in the customer journey due to which the results are ineffective and futile.

The quality of gathered information depends on when your organization sends across satisfaction surveys. The ideal approach is to conduct these surveys regular at the most critical customer journey touchpoints. Creating surveys which include specific questions for each of these touchpoints is what impacts the results.

The recommended time frame to carry out CSAT surveys is when the customer has just completed an interaction with the customer service team or any other team to make sure experiences are collected while they are fresh.

It is important to work on the feedback collected through customer satisfaction surveys and constantly follow up with those customers who take time out to provide constructive feedback.

Understand why did they provide positive or negative feedback to improve the way you function or the flaws that currently exist in your products/services.

The customer service team should always abide by the rules of appreciating the customers after an interaction. All the inputs for these surveys might not be helpful, so you need to identify which ones can help you enhance your products or services. Get in touch with customers regularly to know what they feel about improvements.

Create a concrete plan of action once you filter out responses - this is highly dependent on your organization and the industry you cater to. Develop a constant customer feedback loop by asking: “In case I receive a response, how can I implement it in my products?”. The answer to this question will help you close the loop in a customer satisfaction survey.

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